Monday, July 26, 2010

2010 Hotel Trends

What is the number one reason why people stay at a hotel? Most of the time it is because they are staying in the area for a vacation. They're either hoping to relax or escape the realities of their world at home which are full of cell phones, computers, work, and the stress that comes with it all.

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So the end solution to the equation is, a hotel guest is looking for fun. Many hotels are catching on to this and creating an environment that is not entirely filled models scattered between a number of high class bars and restaurants, but a more simple type of fun. Many hotels are starting to open up avenue's of different kinds of fun that many hotel guests can enjoy that aren't so taxing to your wallet. Games like Xbox, Wii, ping pong, bingo, and sometimes even relaxing Sunday games such as Chess or Scrabble. Not only this, but many hotels are scaling down the restaurants they are opening up to more affordable food that still maintains a decent quality. Keeping some of these open twenty-four-seven, hotel guests don't have to worry about when room service closes, or going out of their way to find food outside of the hotel after certain hours.

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I think this idea is genius. Many hotels feel their standard of luxury must be at its highest for guests to enjoy it. The truth of the matter is not everyone is looking for the same kind of fun, and a hybrid mix of high class bars and restaurants with simple fun would be the perfect combination for hotels. It would cover a range of demographics, as well as be less taxing on wallets, especially in this economic downtime.

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