Friday, July 23, 2010

Benefits of New Hotels

In almost any city you visit now days, there is always some sort of hotel or motel available, and most of the time it is in the heart of the city. It makes perfect sense to have a hotel in a city. It is great for tourism, and people that are visiting are also in need of a place to stay. But hotels serve a much greater purpose and bring in much more revenue than just a roof over your head, some fancy places, and nice furniture.

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In Columbus Ohio, much hype and excitement is being built up for the New Hilton Hotel that will be placed in the downtown area of Columbus. When a hotel is put into place in a city, it is not merely the owner of the hotel that works on the project, but a collective collaborative effort of the city, its owners, and the developers. This is because once the hotel is in place, it will bring an immense amount of revenue to the city.

The first way is it will attract more tourism. The more vacant rooms a city has to offer for visiting guests, the more it will open up the field up to many different tourism possibilities.

Most hotels have a few large rooms used for banquets, events and things of that nature. By having these available to the city, many businesses, schools, and city functions can be held there to stimulate business using the hotel as a venue.

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The city will also benefit from this by opening up so many more jobs. With a hotel comes jobs like reception, catering, management, cleaning, maintenance and much more. The hotel will also need to hire companies to install all the room necessities, including bathroom, furniture, and hospitality supplies. This will definitely stimulate the economy and generate large amounts of revenue through the opening of one hotel.

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