Friday, July 16, 2010

The Future of Hospitality

Stumbling through hospitality and hotel forums, I came across the most intriguing idea and concept. The Thomson Holidays, a London based hospitality company, hosted a "Future Holiday Forum," in which they gather the top innovators of travel, technology, and design from anywhere and everywhere. The most interesting part of it all was that they predicted in the year 2024, there will literally be movable hotels.

It would be a "foldable pod on stilts," says Thomson Holidays. The pods will be self sustainable, and can literally be moved around in different locations. Guests can also choose what kind of images they want projected on their walls. More importantly, when a destination falls out of fashion, or the hype of a certain area dies down, the hotel can be picked up and moved to a different location.

Portable hotel pods
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Thomson said the design and technology is all there. It is a feasible project that can actually be accomplished with today's technology and innovation.

The idea behind it all is that the pods will have minimal effect on the environment. They do not require things such as roads to reach the destination. This way, natural beautiful habitats can be visited, observed, and explored without any harm to its nature.

I think this is a brilliant idea if it can be done. I feel many financial calculations must be put in place to see if the cost exceeds the benefit of it all. However, it is a highly innovative design and concept, and would be great to see one day. It could take people places no roads lead to, without disturbing the beauty of the natural landscape.

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