Thursday, July 29, 2010

Interior Design Lighting Tips

Many people look forward to redesigning various rooms in their house or apartment. Whether it be a simple remodel, revamping, or rearranging, it can always be fun and beneficial, especially for the individual who enjoys a change of scenery every once in a while.

One thing to remember when doing this however is lighting. Ever wonder why so many catalogs with various luxurious furniture always look so great in those rooms? Yes, they are expensive, but also coexist with the correct amount of lighting in different areas to make the furniture shine at its best. It's seeing a picture of a great furniture set up in a catalog and purchasing it, bringing it home, and setting it up, soon realizing it doesn't look half as great as it did in the catalog. Here are some tips to make your furniture set look just as good, or even than those in the high end catalogs, with the use of lighting.

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1. Place or expand windows to let more light into darker corners. This greatly opens up the room and allows it to feel more "airy" and open.

2. Determine where the most exposure of light is. For example which direction the sun rises and sets in relation to the windows in the house.

3. Arrange your furniture so as much of it gets in contact with the natural light. When sunlight hits furniture it tends to reveal its more natural vibrant colors.

4. Shine artificial lights towards the ceiling. This causes it to bounce off and produce a softer more pleasant light.

5. Add art glass or grilles to your windows for different effects of lighting.

6. See where you can add door/window combinations. This is a unique way of bringing in light in certain, unexpected areas.

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Adding natural light to your house also carries health benefits. Sunshine and vibrant colors tend to brighten people's moods, as opposed to dark, ominous rooms. This may lead to mood swings, depression, or seasonal affective disorder.

Best of luck on your interior design endeavors!

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