Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Upholstery Repair

How to Repair Upholstery Made With Leather (

1. Determine the extent of the damage of the leather upholstery by checking its size and depth.
2. Melt some crayons that match with the shade of the leather. (works best with synthetic leather
3. Place the melted crayon to patch the hole
4. Blend immediately using an applicator stick and spread the crayon flat. Do it quickly before it hardens.
5.Place a wax paper on top of the crayon and then press on with hot iron until it melts and flattens the crayon. Be careful not to heat the iron too much that will damage the leather. this method will work with small holes only. For bigger holes you are better off having a professional do the reupholstering or get a slipcover to disguise it if you cannot hire a professional.

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