Monday, July 19, 2010

Office Furniture Feng Shui

Whether it be a home based office, or an office in a corporate setting, the energy and arrangement of your office furniture can play a great deal in your work flow and energy. Arranging your office furniture in different places can lead to a healthier mental state for working and the best efficiency. This is useful especially if you spend many slaving hours in your office.

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Your work desk should be positioned as far away from your bedroom as possible if you are working from home. You want to have as much of a disconnect with the stress from work and your personal life. You don't want to bring the burdens of your work into your fun!

You also want to position your desk so that your back is not facing the door. You want to be able to see the people passing by or coming in to talk to you. Always open to business! You also want to try your best to keep your desk away from facing any walls.

In Feng Shui, metal is a water element. All metal office furniture should be placed facing north. This is because you want your efforts to represent you going forward, not backwards. Any metal also placed in the south is a negative energy, represented by fire. Furniture in the north should also be related to work.

Try to keep the lighting in the room as natural as possible. Avoid using florescent lighting and overhead lighting. If possible it is best to use desk lamps of some sort as long as it does not clutter your desk space.

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Remember that keeping your workspace clean and neat without too much bulky furniture can also help in the Feng Shui. Keeping your work space minimal and sleek can help it with its allover appearance and feel of the room.

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