Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Ottomans have been used primarily for a comfortable resting place for your feet, as well as complimenting the look and feel of a room and its furniture. Ottomans can also serve as storage space for the miscellaneous items that may be floating around the room, or extra seating space for guests. These great pieces of furniture deserves much more spotlight than it receives.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Chandeliers Presence

A chandeliers presence can do virtually anything. From being a subtle accent among the rooms decorative furniture, or turn a bland one into a ballroom.

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Chandeliers usually draw much attention to themselves as it is, and adding one into a room will definitely greater define its personality.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Other Great Furniture


Great piece. The dynamic of the chair in the bottom portion really makes for a unique piece of furniture.


This baroque style furniture set makes for a truly elegant feel with a modern twist, especially with the designs on the contrasting throw pillows.


I love these two chairs merely because it demonstrates the enormous effect color and material can have on a chair that is designed in the exact same way. Together these would definitely portray personality in the same room.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Interior design. It's like a fingerprint.

It is unique to the individual who creates what he or she can with he or she has. Everyone's style and taste is different, and its definitely shown within their work. So why indulge in interior design?


Whether your remodeling your home, an avid interior designer, or just purchasing a new piece of furniture, its always good to put your creative thinking caps on and see what you can do with what you have. Why copy someone else's ideas when you are fully capable of creating your own and influencing others? Whether you own a humble apartment, or a complete mansion, its always a great feeling to be complimented on your interior design efforts that you envisioned. Its complimenting a unique part about yourself.


Try different things! With new materials and furniture coming out in 2011, there are many new avenue's of interior design methods you can apply to help enhance the look and feel of the room or house you are designing. Make sure to take into account sunlight with windows, and electric lighting and its effect on certain areas. Some create shadows to make parts of the room look small and ominous, while others create a feeling of open space and warmth. Try moving things around for a day or two and see how everything plays out taking into account all these things.



Remember, there is no right or wrong in interior design, and you are only limited to what you want and can create. Best of Luck!

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New Modern Furniture Trends

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Amazing Interior Design and Upholstery

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Laura  Ashley bedroom furniture design
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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Interior Design Trends of 2010

The interior design world is a very fast paced environment for most people in the industry. Keeping up with the latest trends are usually imperative to staying successful in the interior design world. Many people say that the year 2010 will encompass many colors that involve a connection with earthly, organic tones. They say that the inspiration from the fashion world usually flows into interior design around a year after they come out. In 2009, "going green" burst into the fashion scene and thus, bringing earthly tones to the interior design world in 2010.

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Some of the colors that have been brought into the interior design world in 2010 are beiges, browns, and greens. Striving for an eco-friendly, naturally processed dye, these colors bring out many neutral earthy colors. Mixing these tones with vibrant global tones can also compliment each other very well. Colors like purples, yellows, and blue's work well with this.

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Green is known to be a very calming color both physically and emotionally. The use of this color in interior design can lead to a great peaceful environment. Colors such as yellow are proven to be more stimulating and vibrant. Mixing greens with accents of yellow also goes well together bringing a unique blend to a room.

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Purples and orange also compliment earthly tones. Purple is known for resembling wealth, sensuality, and relaxation. Being more scarce in prior years, violets and purples are becoming increasingly popular in modern design. Purple also gives the illusion of depth, opening up rooms and creating and illusion of space. Orange can also be used subtly to produce unique statements in rooms. Stimulating social behavior, orange is highly used in children's rooms, but can also serve as a nice focal point in rooms with complimentary colors around.

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Interior design will always remain an ever-changing industry. Hopefully we will continue to see more of these earthly tones in the future.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Some Great Ideas

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Morena Sofa by Leolux

Luxury Bathroom Furniture Sets for Minimalist Interior by Hayon Studio

Elegant Modern Piaf Bathroom Furniture Sets by Foster
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How to Spot Good Furniture from Bad

Many furniture stores will promise high durability, quality, and affordability. But how do you tell if they are really of high quality? I used to purchase furniture off the basis of it looking new, and durable, but noticing over time that it is not the best of quality. Many times I would judge a piece of furniture off of basic visual things such as scratches, nicks, or marks. I realized soon after that these things tell nothing of their quality and durability in the long term.

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Many wood furniture pieces are labeled either hardwood or softwood. I always thought that hardwood was a better choice of composition because it would be more durable. This however, is not the case. Hardwood is actually wood from a deciduous tree. Hence, some hardwood pieces of furniture are actually softer than some softwood. Therefore, a good way to tell the quality of wood furniture's is if you are able to make a dent in the furniture by pressing your fingernail into it. You generally want furniture that will be resistant to these kinds of things. Don't let the description of the furniture fool you!

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Some woods to avoid are particle board, press wood, or fiberboard. These woods are pieces of wood compressed together. Overtime these will deteriorate and fall apart faster than solid wood pieces.

The construction of the wood furniture is also very important. Any signs of using staples or nails is of low quality. Try to find pieces of furniture that either use nails, Dowels (wooden pegs), or that are dovetail constructed (interlocking teeth).

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There are also thin sheets of wood in between drawers and chests that seem to serve no purpose, but in fact help improve the structure of your furniture. It also protects the contents of the drawer, as well as the preserving the furniture itself.

All in all, your furniture can last you a very long time if chosen right. Good luck!