Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Interior Design Trends of 2010

The interior design world is a very fast paced environment for most people in the industry. Keeping up with the latest trends are usually imperative to staying successful in the interior design world. Many people say that the year 2010 will encompass many colors that involve a connection with earthly, organic tones. They say that the inspiration from the fashion world usually flows into interior design around a year after they come out. In 2009, "going green" burst into the fashion scene and thus, bringing earthly tones to the interior design world in 2010.

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Some of the colors that have been brought into the interior design world in 2010 are beiges, browns, and greens. Striving for an eco-friendly, naturally processed dye, these colors bring out many neutral earthy colors. Mixing these tones with vibrant global tones can also compliment each other very well. Colors like purples, yellows, and blue's work well with this.

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Green is known to be a very calming color both physically and emotionally. The use of this color in interior design can lead to a great peaceful environment. Colors such as yellow are proven to be more stimulating and vibrant. Mixing greens with accents of yellow also goes well together bringing a unique blend to a room.

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Purples and orange also compliment earthly tones. Purple is known for resembling wealth, sensuality, and relaxation. Being more scarce in prior years, violets and purples are becoming increasingly popular in modern design. Purple also gives the illusion of depth, opening up rooms and creating and illusion of space. Orange can also be used subtly to produce unique statements in rooms. Stimulating social behavior, orange is highly used in children's rooms, but can also serve as a nice focal point in rooms with complimentary colors around.

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Interior design will always remain an ever-changing industry. Hopefully we will continue to see more of these earthly tones in the future.

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